We provide Premium quality golf products branded with your (or your sponsors!) logo for tournaments. At Your Logo Glove we deal with every client one on one, and take care of all the hard work for you. Our products are all based around magnetic ball markers, which can clip onto our gloves, hat clips, or divot repair tools. Every time the markers are used your logo is being seen, and the players all leave with great gifts.

How Does It Work?

Send your logo to our in house graphic designer. As a free service we'll show your what it will look like on the product you want. We'll even send you a free sample glove!
Order the number of gloves or accessories to match your anticipated number of participants. Don't worry about being exact, a solid estimate is all we need.
We ship you out the products you ordered, plus 50% more in all available sizes. They arrive in a display case separated by size, so the players can all pick a size that fits best.
Return all of the unused gloves using the included return receipt, you're refunded if you used less then you ordered. Everyone gets a perfect glove, you pay only for what's used!

What Makes Us Different

In House Graphic Design

We have our own graphic designer to make virtual proofs of your logo on our product.  Don't worry about file formats, or adjusting your logo to look good on a circle.  Just send us your logo and we take care of the rest.

Premium Gifts

We offer three levels of gloves to try and provide you the absolute best possible quality for your budget.  Our Program 1 Gloves are made from a soft synthetic material.  The Program 2 Gloves add cabretta leather to several areas.  The Program 3 Gloves are made with cabretta leather for comfort and grip, and include lycra channels for ventilation.

Personal Service

Deal directly with our graphic designer, our sales rep, and our shipper.  We do all the work in house.  We won't leave you on hold, your emails will not go unanswered.  We aren't just selling you a product, we are providing you a service.

Get a FREE Sample Glove!

Contact us for a free sample glove, or let our graphic designer show you what your logo will look like on our product.
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About Us

Patrick Roycroft

Manager, Graphic Design

Adria Riley

Accounting / Shipping Manager

Kevin Riley

Founder & Production Manager